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Hi, You found us! We are the "Official" MUFON meet up site for all the Chapters located in the state of Florida.  We State Section Directors, State Directors and Chief Investigators want to WELCOME you to our combined Network! We represent all the co


Welcome to the Future of Humanity! Brief monologue and around the table discussion at L.A. Cafe on Dixie Hwy Waterford - California style food and drink. Uplifting and sharing. Exploration of such topics as Consciousness, the Shift, Raising our Frequ

Beings of Light

Our goal and purpose is to be the biggest and most informed UFO group in the world. Why? Because we want to make a change and there is power in numbers! And unfortunately, most of the "UFO" community is saturated with purposely seeded disinfo; we aim


Meet like-minded people interested in discovering the meaning of the UFO phenomenon. We investigate sightings and close encounter reports, hold monthly public meetings, publish a bi-monthly journal, train UFO investigators, hold nightwatches, hold co


This is a group for anyone interested in Exopolitics - "everything to do with the Extra-terrestrial Phenomenon." We have monthly meetings usually on the first Saturday of the month, - 1pm - 5pm. We have several locations but generally in  West Ryde a

Exopolitics Enthusiasts

Our Mission: To explore the realms of extraterrestrials and their relevance to humanity's transformation toward harmony among people, planet and our universal family. OBJECTIVE: Provide open atmosphere to explore awareness, consciousness, spiritualit

Cosmic Citizens

If you ever wonder why... if you ever want to know the truth... look no further than our Meetup group -the cutting edge alternative media informed group. You have come to this group by connecting dot to dot... it is not by an accident. 9/11 truth cam


Let's meet and discuss UFO's! If you have had an actual encounter, just want to know more, or know someone who has made contact with UFO's, this may be the group for you! We are open minded and will listen without judgement as you share your experien


http://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis­t=PLE5smZrTv_Z-VoAbmwLBUXDKr1t368UU­s Hi I am RAMAMIJI and I been given the keys to the star kingdom!  And as you humble servant I want to assure you this site will be dedicated to magic, (or siddhis powers as the e

Divine Sparks

Our group will interest those that know "we are not alone in our universe". We will together explore the many facets of the greatest phenomena humankind has ever encountered. In our group everyone will be be able to freely discuss and research what t

UFO Researchers

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January 26, 2015

This is a group specifically designed to those who are interested in all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Activities include regular discussion sessions, sharing resources, as well as occasional organized excursions to relevant events and conferences.

January 25, 2015

Welcome Humans of all kinds. Let me show you how reality works. I will show you how to see the light and how to work with the energies. These are teachings from Arcturus. We want to show you the purpose the human race has and what it used to be like.

January 24, 2015

Dette er en gruppe hvor man kan diskutere alt som har med UFO`er, andre dimensjoner, alien abductions og andre paranormale temaer. Dette er et tema som ikke alle vil dele med hvem som helst og derfor kan denne gruppen være en god mulighet å lette dit

January 22, 2015

Share your true stories and delve into more exploration on topics related to UFOs, Extraterrestrials, the Spirit world, Telepathy, Remote Viewing and our Psychic connection to this multidimensional universe.

January 21, 2015

This group is for all things regarding the Ancient Aliens/Ancient Astronaut theory. This is not a group for skeptics, naysayers, and those who wish to dispute the validity of the subject matter. This group is for like-minded individuals who are inter

Space Travelers
January 18, 2015

This group is for people that believe that extra terrestrials have always been among us(for example, Easter Island and they Pyramids). This group is for open minded people.

January 4, 2015

We are in changing times, more and more people are experiencing things they cannot explain. This group is for those of you who are experiencers, contactees, abductees, starseeds, or if you are curious about the phenomena that others are experiencing­

December 19, 2014

This group is for those who are seeking to find answers to some puzzling questions. I am a Field Investigator with the world's oldest and largest investigative body into the UFO phenomenon, that aim to be the refuge for inquisitive minds seeking answ

December 17, 2014

Do you think there’s more to Reality than just the day-to-day, 3D, Earthly Gig?  Could there be Greater Realities to explore just beyond our 5 physical senses? The evidence is in!  And the answer is a resounding YES! The innumerable reports from Veri

Cosmic Conversationalists
December 17, 2014

( ↓↓↓ Scroll down for the English version ↓↓↓ ) • SCOPO:  L'Italy ET Contact Group organizza eventi di contatto CE-5 (Contatti Ravvicinati del Quinto Tipo) avviati da umani, principalmente nella parte meridionale del Lazio in Italia, utilizzando pro

Earth Ambassadors
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